To use PowerBot, you need to be a member of a supported power exchange.

We currently support trading at EPEX Spot, Nord Pool, BSP Southpool, HUPX, IBEX, TGE, CROPEX, SEMOpx, OPCOM and GENEX. PowerBot can connect to all exchanges that use the M7 system by Deutsche Börse AG or the Nord Pool intraday system. Luckily, the number of exchanges that run on this platform is increasing over time.

Currently you can only trade electricity with PowerBot, however, we hope that this will change in the future.

PowerBot is a solution that focusses on continuous trading markets, which are more complex than auction markets. We therefore do not provide day-ahead connectors.

Yes, PowerBot is designed as a framework for you to develop and implement your own strategies and algorithms in an easy way. However, we also offer standard algorithms for different use cases.

If you decide to host your own strategies, either locally or with your preferred cloud provider, PowerBot cannot access any of your source code.

If this is not an issue for you, PowerBot also offers the option to host algorithms for customers on our AWS Kubernetes cluster. This option includes monitoring and fail-over handling.

No, PowerBot’s standard algorithms are closed source. However, they are very well documented.

That is highly dependent on your current situation. If you already have API access to the exchange of your choice, the setup of your PowerBot instances will take a few days. If not, the setup time is mainly limited by the exchange providing you with proper credentials.

There are a few other things that factor into the time-to-market: If you intend on using one of PowerBot’s standard algorithms, the correct configuration for your situation and interface testing needs time. If you want to build your own strategies, you need to design and implement them, and your trading algorithm needs to be well tested before going into production.

PowerBot is an API-centric microservice, based on REST architecture. This allows customers to easily connect any other ETRM system to PowerBot and vice-versa.

No, we do not. We can however direct you to companies that provide such kind of data.

PowerBot is based on the OpenAPI format, meaning it is compatible with virtually any programming language you want. By simply using our specification file you can create a client for the language of your choice. We also provide guidelines on this topic. However, most of our clients use Python and we do provide pre-generated packages, as well as additional code samples and projects for Python.

Algorithmic trading infrastructure and activities are a sensitive topic for our clients, who rely on the competitive advantage of our solution. Thus, our clients do not want to be listed with name and logo on websites. However, you can find some user stories here and we do provide personal references on request.

Yes, PowerBot is fully compatible with the XBID/SIDC system.

PowerBot is a spin-off of a Vienna based energy market consulting company with the name INERCOMP. The first PowerBot version was created within INERCOMP in 2017 and was established as a dedicated company in 2020 to prepare for further growth and strengthen the focus on PowerBot. As of today, INERCOMP is still the majority shareholder of the PowerBot company. Armstrong Consulting is also a shareholder. Armstrong Consulting is a software development company based in Vienna which provided initial software development support and hosting services to Powerbot.