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Algorithmic trading platform for short-term power markets
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We automate your short-term power trading

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Out-of-the-box Trading Strategies

Revolutionize your intraday power market operations with our advanced built-in trading strategies. Say goodbye to dealing with complexities and benefit from a fast time-to-market solution. Automated trading has never been easier or more efficient.

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Custom Trading Strategies

Maximize your trading potential by building your own custom strategies. Designing stateless, high-performance algorithms is effortless with our cutting-edge Python framework. Plus, easily deploy your strategies through our dependable cloud service.

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Analytics & Machine Learning

The ultimate data science toolkit for successful trading. Our platform offers real-time market data consumption and easy access to historical orders and trades. Build data pipelines, feed your machine learning models and backtest your strategies with ease to gain an edge on the market.

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Market Connector

Seamlessly connect to a broad range of intraday power exchanges programmatically and integrate our solution into your existing infrastructure with ease. Capture your trades and orders, build your own trading service or any other application that interacts with the market.

Trading infrastructure for your business case

Renewable Energy, Wind park operator, PV. Position closing

Renewable Energy

Minimize the uncertainty of trading a renewable energy portfolio with PowerBot. Volatile renewable assets such as wind and solar parks can be difficult to predict, leaving you vulnerable to risky imbalance energy payments. But with PowerBot's cutting-edge solution, closing your forecasting errors in the intraday market has never been easier. Let our powerful platform handle the complexities of renewable energy trading, and start optimizing your profits today!

  • Wind Energy
  • Photovoltaics
  • Position Closing
  • Machine Learning
  • Trend Prediction
Wind Park, Renewable energy, PV, Photovoltaics, Solar
Hydro pump storage. Flexible assets. Back-and-forth trading. Battery storage. Algorithmic trading strategies.

Flexible Assets

Unlock the full potential of your energy assets with our versatile platform. Whether you are dealing with large-scale batteries, pump hydro-storages, or natural gas power plants, our solution allows you to easily leverage your asset's flexibility and maximize your revenues. Our lightning-fast algorithms execute flexible trading strategies, enabling you to swap positions multiple times before scheduling. Don't miss out on the value of asset-backed options.

  • Battery Storages
  • Pumped Hydro Storages
  • CHP Power Plants
  • Gas Power Plants
  • Demand Response
  • Hydro Power
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Systematic Trading. Volatility. Arbitrage trading strategies.

Systematic Trading

Our powerful software seamlessly manages your trading 24/7, from opening positions at ideal prices to executing complex arbitrage strategies. With no need for local infrastructure and easy implementation, you can start trading smarter and faster than ever before. And if you're looking to quickly scale your trading strategies, we have got you covered.

  • Imbalance Arbitrage
  • Day-Ahead Arbitrage
  • Volatility Trading
  • Best-Order Strategies
  • Product Arbitrage
  • Cross-Border Arbitrage
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Energy Startups

Are you building the next big thing in the energy industry? Whether you're creating a battery optimization solution, a heat pump control system, an electric vehicle charging platform, or even a new virtual power plant. We are here to assist you in expediting your time-to-market. By utilizing our extensive industry expertise and dependable market connector and data platform, you can concentrate on growing your business. Let’s discuss how we can support your growth.

  • Battery Optimization
  • Demand Response
  • Virtual Power Plants
  • EV Charging
  • Heat Pumps
  • Machine Learning
  • Price Forecasts
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Ahead of the game with technological advantage

Microservice architecture.


Built on microservice architecture for easy integration in software environments.

Machine learning, ML

Machine Learning

Integrates AI-based pattern recognition to identify market trends and changes.

Cloud-native infrastructure, scalable and performant


Deployed on scalable and performant cloud infrastructure for reliability and speed.

Redundant instances, failover switch, Docker container orchestration, Kubernetes

Zero downtime

Designed for 24/7 operations with redundant instances and container orchestration.

High performance, algorithmic energy trading, automated power trading

High performance

Optimized for the millisecond game with hundreds of monitored service metrics.

OpenAPI, Swagger, API-first


Accessible via OpenAPI (Swagger) from all major programming languages plus real-time data stream.

List of supported exchanges

10+ power exchanges

We are a certified vendor for Europe's most important power exchanges. Currently, we support trading at EPEX SPOT, Nord Pool, BSP Southpool, HUPX, IBEX, TGE, CROPEX, SEMOpx, BRM, OPCOM, SEEPEX and GENEX.

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Trusted by 60+ energy trading companies

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PowerBot is flexible, open, and reliable. That's what the energy sector needs.

Kamil Maziarz
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PowerBot is another step on the journey to full automation of intraday trading while retaining full control of our strategies.

Edoardo Simoni
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Once you are with PowerBot, you know you have made the right decision.

Tadas Vaitekūnas
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PowerBot offers an excellent product with a high-performance exchange interface.

Jan Knoche
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There was once a bot that traded algorithmically, its name was PowerBot and it was trading perfectly.

Anton Kolev
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If only the rest of the industry had the same level of service as PowerBot... :)

Niclas Brok
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Some traders play old and boring records, FLEXPOWER uses PowerBot to compose symphonies. Mind the gap!

Amani Joas
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PowerBot is the perfect match for us - a great and flexible tool that optimally meets our needs.

Carina Leinfellner
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PowerBot allows us to test, implement, execute and monitor our trading strategies with low effort and high reliability and is the engine that powers our algorithmic trading.

Johannes Päffgen
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