Web service for automated and algorithmic trading on electricity intraday markets

Certified ISV (independent software vendor)
for EPEX Spot, Nord Pool, HUPX and BSP Southpool
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What is PowerBot?

A web service for algorithmic trading on electricity intraday markets

PowerBot is our powerful answer to the new opportunities and the fast changing situation on European electricity intraday markets. Our modern, flexible and cost-efficient web based algotrader allows you to develop your very own trading strategies in Python (or any other programming language) or to make use of built-in standard algorithms, which can be customzied to your use cases.

Built on microservice architecture and provided as software-as-a-service

Our product enables you to focus on further improving your trading strategies, while we take care of the rest. As a modern web service following the micro service architecture, PowerBot is lightweight, easy to integrate and does not need local deployment.

Automation is the future…

We are absolutely convinced that automated/algorithmic trading is the future of European short-term electricity markets. The proceeding market integration, expansion of renwable energies and growing volumes result in higher volatility, complexity and speed. This brings new possibilities as well as new challenges for trading companies.

Algorithms can handle a much higher amount of orders and consider a higher amount of decision factors than humans ever will. All this is done at much faster speed, while saving you the cost of a full 24/7 intraday trading desk.

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Typical fields of application

The innovative approach behind PowerBot allows a wide range of applications and use cases. However, there are regular fields of application where PowerBot can be deployed. Typical use cases for PowerBot are the closing of open positions, speculative trading or marketing flexible production capacity.

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Position closing

Avoid balance energy by closing your open positions from the day-ahead auction at the intraday market. Use the advantage of real time trading for your own benefit.

Speculative trading

A very important use case for PowerBot is speculative trading. Analysts or data scientists at energy trading companies are able to profit from PowerBot’s open architecture.

Flexibility marketing

Flexible power plants, such as gas turbines are able to produce power whenever there is a high demand. Use PowerBot for flexible generation capacities and benefit from the opportunities on the intraday market.

Our solution

PowerBot is a hosted web service with a web based user interface, which works as an add-on application to the exchange’s system. To make use of it, you need to be a registered member of a power exchange like EPEX or Nord Pool.

Our service offers two different approaches to get started with trading. You either start working with built-in standard algorithms or you implement your own strategies. You can also switch to developing your own algorithms at a later point in time.

Tailored/standard algorithms

“Best suited for companies that are looking for a cost-efficient and out-of-the-box approach for standard use cases, which do not have the capacity to develop algorithms on their own.”

Make use of one of the built-in strategies within PowerBot to get started. Or let us know about your situation and we will help you to build a strategy for your use case. We will then take care of the implementation of the algorithm and will set up the interfaces according to your needs. Sit back and relax, we will take care of everything. If you want to move to the build-your-own-algorithms solution later on, you may build upon the algorithm you have. With PowerBot, your algorithmic trading is growing together with you.

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“Companies that employ quantitative analysts, data scientists or IT experts and want to develop their own algorithms will choose this approach. It is also the best choice if you are into prop trading.”

Develop your own algorithms in Python (or any other programming language of your choice). By using our libraries and the local execution module, this is done very easily and fast. PowerBot lets you focus on your job: to develop the best algorithms for your company. Let us take care of all other things, such as cross-trade recognition, portfolio handling or risk management. We enable you to keep your know-how in algorithm development in-house. By the way, ou can also build your own PowerBot applications with custom user-interfaces in a fast and simple way.

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Features and technology

Trading features

PowerBot delivers all the functionalities you need to build your algorithmic trading, from managing several portfolios to advanced risk management functionalities and cross trade recognition as well as backtesting possibilities.

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Technical features

From a technical point of view, PowerBot is a web service on microservice architecture built for high availability that provides an Open API and also event subscriptions. Our product is fully cloud based and brought to you on a software-as-a-service basis. It is not part of any large ETRM suite and thus easily integrated in existing environments.

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Supported markets

PowerBot is a certified ISV (independent software vendor) at EPEX, Nord Pool, HUPX and BSP Southpool and beyond that is compatible with other markets such as TGE, SEM-O and IBEX. If you are a member (or planning on becoming one) at one of these exchanges, you can use PowerBot for your algorithmic trading.

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