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Meet the people behind PowerBot

Felix Diwok-01

Felix Diwok

Strategy & Sales
Helmut Spindler-01

Helmut Spindler

Product Manager
Christoph Schachinger-01

Christoph Schachinger

Backend Developer

Cem Bicer

Frontend Developer

Alexander Benkö

Application Manager
Maximilian Kiessler-01

Maximilian Kiessler

Application Specialist

Simon Schwantler

Application Specialist
Manfred Bickel-01

Manfred Bickel

Application Specialist
Roger Armstrong-01

Roger Armstrong

Strategy & Network Security
Claudia Exenberger-01

Claudia Exenberger

Sales & Marketing
Maria Kremser-01

Maria Kremser

Sales & Marketing


Chief Algotrader

The story behind PowerBot

PowerBot is a product by Inercomp GmbH, a Vienna based energy trading services and consulting company. The tool was originally built in 2017, based on the needs for a power plant optimization project and was made publicly available to customers as an improved version in 2018.

To reach this goal Inercomp joined forces with Armstrong Consulting GmbH, a software development company also based in Vienna. Since the release, our team of energy trading experts is constantly improving PowerBot, to make easy implementation of trading strategies available to an increased customer base.