First Algotrader at IBEX

Last week we celebrated the successful go-live of our first PowerBot installation at the Bulgarian Energy Exchange (IBEX) with EVN Trading (part of EVN group in Bulgaria). After a short set-up and configuration phase as well as extensive testing of the setup, we successfully launched the first PowerBot installation on the Bulgarian intraday market on 1st of July. It makes us proud that this is the first automated trading application at IBEX after the exchange launched their API in autumn 2020. Besides IBEX, our customers actively trade with PowerBot on EPEX, Nord Pool, HUPX, BSP Southpool and TGE so far. PowerBot is further available on CROPEX but yet to go live with a first customer.

Our product is not only a good fit for companies that develop own trading algorithms, but also delivers an easy-to-integrate and out-of-the-box solution for standard uses cases. This is also interesting for mature and more liquid markets like Germany, but also for smaller and newer intraday markets with less liquidity. With our standard algorithms, we offer a solution that guarantees a short time-to-market while keeping operational efforts low.

Do you want to start algorithmic trading on IBEX or any other market or do you have a business case that involves intraday trading? Let’s start a conversation and see how we can work together!