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PowerBot GmbH

PowerBot GmbH

The last year has been very exciting for the PowerBot Team. On the technical side, we launched the 2.1 version of our product, became certified as an ISV at Nord Pool, managed the go-live of the first installation at TGE and are preparing for IBEX. In addition, we signed new customers, managed a lockdown and received very positive feedback at E-World and other industry events. Therefore, we have decided that it is time for PowerBot to take the next step and created PowerBot GmbH. The newly established company has the goal to be able to do more for our customers and develop our product further.

Because PowerBot GmbH started as a product of Inercomp GmbH, it still has close ties to Inercomp and is a subsidiary company thereof. With beginning of August all PowerBot related activities are transferred to PowerBot GmbH. Our advantage with this step is that no major changes are involved, besides a new legal name.

For our customers everything stays the same, as the people behind PowerBot are the same as well. They, however, can now work even more focused on improving our solution. PowerBot has its own goals and we strive to provide our customers with the best possible product.

Besides, we have a new e-mail addresses, so feel free get in touch by sending us an e-mail to office@powerbot-trading.com.