Support for intraday markets at TGE and IBEX
Following the success start of the integrated European intraday market (SIDC) we are happy to announce that PowerBot now supports trading at Polish TGE and Bulgarian IBEX, which both recently saw a strong increase in trading volumes...

We have some interesting news: PowerBot is expanding to Eastern European power exchanges TGE and IBEX. Both Poland and Bulgaria joined the European intraday trading system SIDC (formerly known as XBID) in November 2019 and since then liquidity has grown strongly. With the SIDC also comes a stronger need for automated trading via the exchange’s APIs.

In Poland, our first customer recently launched their automated intraday trading at TGE, which has introduced the M7 system at the beginning of this year. IBEX will start to publish its API in September and PowerBot is ready for this.

IBEX members interested in algorithmic trading via APIs can participate at a workshop offered by IBEX on Wednesday, 8 July 2020. The PowerBot team will be there to give an introduction of our system and get to know the exchange’s members. For more information please get in touch with IBEX directly