PowerBot is maintaining business as usual
Due to the current circumstances the PowerBot team has moved to home office. However, we are using this opportunity to develop new features for our customers.

In an effort to fight the newly developed and fast spreading Coronavirus (COVID-19), people in Europe and all over the world are contributing by minimizing social contacts, as well as staying and working from home. So is the entire PowerBot team and we already moved our staff to home office last week. Therefore, we can ensure full continuity of our service. In addition, the IT infrastructure is up and running as well.

We see this circumstance as a new opportunity. In fact, working from home is a chance to work more focused on specific topics and implement new projects. On customer side, this can be the start of the project of implementing algorithmic trading. Our Application Managers and Specialists are set up and ready to assist you via web conference. Furthermore, for us this also brings new possibilities. Our team is seizing the moment, by developing new features for our customers. They are also intensively working on different algorithms for various standard use cases. More information will follow soon.

You can rest assured, PowerBot can work for 24 hours a day and there is no chance that he will catch the virus or get sick, which is definitely an advantage nowadays. 🙂

As everyone is adapting to this new situation, why not use the opportunity and get in touch with us to have a discussion on how your company can benefit from PowerBot.