E-world 2020
We are back in Vienna after very successful days at the E-world and about to follow-up on our meetings. Be on the lookout for mails and calls from us.

After three very successful days at the E-world last week in Essen we are back in Vienna and back to regular work-days. PowerBot, as a co-exhibitor of Montel, had four representatives at the leading European energy trade fair and the interest in our solution was overwhelming. Over the three days, our specialists gave many presentations and held discussions with energy traders, data scientists and specialist in the energy industry about algorithmic trading.

Overall it is safe to say, that the energy industry has realized, where the future of power trading is going. Numerous companies are already using black-box algorithms for their power trading and are moving further to develop their very own strategies. PowerBot, with its open source strategies that can be modified by the clients themselves, is especially interesting for this type of user. In addition, we see extremely strong interest from companies that are new to algorithmic power trading and want to enter the field. For them, PowerBot is a very attractive solution, as it is lightweight, flexible and cost efficient. However, most important is, to get started with algorithmic trading, we offer our clients standard algorithms, customized to their needs, and later on they can change them on their own.

A thank you goes out to all the visitors, who came to our stand and engaged in productive dialogues. We are now following up on all the meetings, so be on the lookout for mails and calls from us.

Hopefully we will see you again at the E-world in 2021.