Extended Nord Pool module
Nord Pool is the largest European power exchange and its PowerBot integration enables trading on seven further European countries.

EPEX and Nord Pool are the two largest power exchanges in Europe and combined they have a trading volume of more than 1000 TWh, with 524 TWh on Nord Pool and 567 TWh on EPEX in 2018. Since the beginning of PowerBot it has been on our roadmap to integrate continuous trading on the Nord Pool market and we released a first version of the module in the first half of the year. With the new and extended Nord Pool module, we match up the features to the EPEX module.

The integration of Nord Pool opens PowerBot to many new countries in Europe. Besides the already covered countries through EPEX, Nord Pool offers market access on seven new countries including Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. In addition, the Nord Pool module provides an alternative to EPEX in countries where both of them are active, as Nord Pool was appointed as NEMO in many other countries and is also servicing power markets in Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria.